Updated guidelines for Submission

What I want: I am looking for fiction and poetry by people currently living in rural areas and small towns (population under 30,000). No word count limit, but keep in mind it'll be online, so shorter is generally better. If it's fantastic and ridiculously long, I'll accept it.

Good writing isn't necessarily from New York City. There's a different world out there and that's what I hope to give space to.

Payment: right now this is a labor of love. I'm hoping to one day obtain a grant that will support the work of rural writers, in which case I will be paying contributors as handsomely as I'm able. That will probably be a while off.

Editing: I'm not an editor so I'm not going to pick up work that needs editing. If your story or poem is flawless it's in. Send your best. Chicago Style, AP Style, whatever, so long as it's "done." I have no style manual. I don't want one. Great is great no matter if you use Oxford commas or not or whether you italicize your book titles use quotes. I want work that feels alive, that makes you see what the author is describing, work that is true and vital and driven by a beating heart. 

Important: no racists, no Nazis, no homophobes, transphobes, etc. No assholes.

How to submit: Please send submissions in a Word Doc as well as in the email body to helloamericalit(at)gmail.com

Thanks in advance,

-Adam Gnade